About Nomadic

Nomadic Capital Limited came to life as a result of an unquenchable thirst for travel, innovation and creativity. Our team extends far beyond the doors of our office. Our families and friends make up a large part of our team.

We all fly around the world, and we all return home. This is what Nomadic is based on, travelling and experiencing what the world has to offer, and then returning home to the GCC and bringing these ideas and concepts with us.

Nomadic cannot be categorized by one idea, invention, or concept but rather by a myriad of concepts and ideas that make life easier, more enjoyable, or simply a little bit nicer. The passion driving this company is second to none.

Our team is immense and diverse; anyone with a thirst for innovation is part of Nomadic.

"My partner and I started Nomadic with one goal in mind, to create something that would have a lasting and helpful impact on our society. We did not have a product in mind, we had a goal. From that day to this, we have remained true to that goal, that is what Nomadic is based on, making a positive change. It’s hard to define Nomadic with one word, and I love that. When people ask me what me, my partner, or any member of our team “what do you do?” I love that it takes more than a word to define our job, our purpose, and our journey. In the words of Oscar Wilde “to define is to limit”. Nomadic is limitless, and we intend to keep it that way."

Stephanie Khouri, Founder