The Automat

Nomadic main focus at the moment is the “AUTOMAT”, an “On the Go” food dispensing solution we found in Amsterdam and brought back with us.

We are now the sole distributors of the “AUTOMAT” within the GCC and have customized this brilliant machine to suite the needs of the region. Delicious, healthy, and filling food is now as easy and quick to get a hold of as a bottle of water or chewing gum.

The “AUTOMAT” is a temperature-controlled food-dispensing machine with a fully dedicated team supplying fresh food to the machine, which is then purchased by the consumer. Let go of your previous definition of “vending machine”, and please welcome the Automat.

UAE and GCC overall markets witnessed a fast growing population, rapid urbanization and increase in the number of working couples. This shift in lifestyle has resulted in people spending less time preparing meals and opting for more convenient, readily available choices.

The aim is to Present and be the Solution provider for these target audiences and business owners

Our commitments are simple, freshness, convenience, accessibility, various cuisines.



With Nomadic, we offer our business partners the chance to:

  • Strengthen brand presence and reach various target audience and segments through
    different online and offline tools
  • Food exclusivity in certain locations
  • Increase market penetration in various locations
  • Create an exclusive menu for the AUTOMAT
  • Different variety of food offerings based on location and demographic preferences
  • Sell out of large quantities of ‘ON THE GO’ meals in a short time
  • Additional high turnover without the operational cost of opening a new shop
  • Possibility to place hot and cold meals
  • Be part of a first of it’s kind initiative in the region to sell hot snacks from a self-service
    restaurant concept
  • Create an additional selling channel without the hassle of opening a new branch